Mower Repairs and Garden Equipment Servicing

Need mower repairs? Morayfield Mower Centre service and repair most brands of petrol powered garden equipment including ride-on mowers, lawnmowers, brushcutters, hedgetrimmers, blowers, chippers and chainsaws in a fully equipped workshop.

Regular servicing not only improves the performance of your garden equipment, it also improves the reliability and the life of your garden equipment.


We offer a free pick up and delivery service in the local area for ride-ons, where servicing and/or major repairs are required.  The same service is offered on small equipment if collected and delivered at the same time as your ride-on mower. A sharpening service is available for chainsaw chains and hedgetrimmer blades (where possible). For our DIY customers, we carry a comprehensive range of spare parts for your convenience.

We specialise in second-hand Rover rider mower parts.

Maintenance Tips

  • Fuel can become stale when stored over 30 days.  Stale fuel causes acid and gum deposits to form in the fuel system or on essential carburetor parts.  Fresh fuel is vital for the running of any petrol powered machine, big or small.  As fuel does not contain any preservatives, fuel preservative should be added to the fuel if the machine is not being used regularly.
  • A clean air filter is important in the running of any engine.  It should be removed and cleaned every 2-3 uses of your machine.  Once airflow is blocked or the filter starts to disintegrate it must be replaced.  Never use an air compressor to clean a paper filter.
  • Grass should be removed from lawnmowers and ride-on mowers after each use.  Cut grass is acidic and can cause damage to the deck.  A build-up of dry grass around an engine is a fire hazard.  A build-up of grass/debris on your ride-on mower deck can cause belt derailment and/or early belt failure.